Roadmap and Project Goals

Our Mission

Amplify's mission is to provide an easy and accessible way for consumers to share and distribute their bandwidth for profit. Amplify also intends to provide a new way for people to navigate the internet with Amplify domains and a new ar:// protocol. Amplify is currently a Linux service but will evolve into a fully featured Chrome extension and eventually a browser.

Amplify is heavily invested in the success of the Arweave ecosystem. A lot of Amplify's roadmap involves improving the ecosystem for Arweave (ie: deploying a testnet). Amplify intends to work with all the apps in the Arweave ecosystem to help them serve content as effectively as possible.

Project Goals

Arweave Testnet

Amplify deploys the first official Arweave testnet under

Amplify to provide a faucet interface under

The testnet will use Testweave and to have scheduled network resets

Gateway Decentralization

Customized implementation of the Gateway for each app in the Arweave ecosystem

Ensure key apps like Verto, ArDrive, ArGo migrate to the decentralized implementation

Launch the official v1.0.0 of the Decentralized Gateway

Amplify DNS Auction

Deploy the new DNS Auction interface under

Create a DNS and Token Trading interface

Facilitate auction sales on a community driven schedule

Amplify Consensus Launch

Launch the official v1.0.0 of the Amplify Consensus model

Mint tokens in scheduled epochs based on Gateways staking AMP tokens

Plan to debug and improve consensus and general Gateway source

Deploying the ar:// protocol

Create a Chrome Extension which can leverage the ar:// protocol

Create a Chromium Fork with native ar:// support

Ensure Chromium Fork can also operate as a Gateway