The Distributed Economy for Bandwidth

A mining protocol for Bandwidth

Amplify is a new and revolutionary way to utilize your available bandwidth to upload and download data from Arweave Nodes. You can run an Amplify Gateway locally or on the cloud to start sharing your bandwidth immediately. You can also use the Amplify SDK to access data from Arweave using the Amplify Network.

Earn money powering the Network

By having your Amplify node available on the network with your tokens staked. You earn AMP tokens from daily distributions. Furthermore, you could even potentially have existing miners for Bitcoin and Ethereum use Amplify ontop of them. Amplify primarily requires bandwidth and a functional network, not CPU power that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum demand.

A trustless peer to peer protocol

Amplify is a completely trustless consensus protocol. Where each Amplify node has probe nodes testing and querying it's peers. Consensus is achieved when all nodes are behaving and outputting data correctly. If a node outputs data incorrectly, it will be booted from the Amplify network and that node's tokens are distributed to the rest of the peers on the network.

An SDK to access the Permaweb

Amplify provides you the most effective and easy way to access Arweave. You can access anything on the permaweb by utilizing the Amplify SDK. The SDK also makes it easy to find Amplify nodes in specific locations or that aren't overloaded with traffic. This ensures that you have a great experience while querying data from the Permaweb with little or no problems.